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GNRH Artificial menopause injections

Please can someone help me within the next hour.

I'm due to start my Artificial menopause injections today on NHS because of severe pain on. But just spoke to a private skilled surgeon and he said if im having a laparoscopy within a months time that I should wait as I might not need to have them.

Please can anyone help me quick? X x

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It would be best to talk to the NHS staff and see what they say, as they are the ones dealing with it. It really depends - I am on prostap at the moment in preparation for surgery and will have been on it for 9 weeks by the time I have the surgery (it was supposed to be 12, but the hospital messed around and delayed it).

If they want you to continue the treatment after surgery, then you might as well start now as it takes a few weeks to see any benefit from it. If they're not then he might be right.


Thank you for your reply at the moment I'm really bad at moment can hardly walk. Should I just give the first injection a go at least?

What do u think? X x


You really need to ask your NHS doctor. I'm not a medical professional and I can't tell you what the right decision is. Sorry :/


Ok thank u for replying x x

What's prostap your on please?


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