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Hey, I'm looking for some things to give to my partner to help him understand how it feels for me to be told I'm infertile. He doesn't seem to understand and thinks 'it's fine there are other options'. It's far from fine, I feel I'm not allowed to grieve. Also if there is anything on Prostap injections because he thinks my mood swings are down to me and that I am using the injection as an excuse.

Thank you. I hope everyone is ok x

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Hey there, massive hugs x x x

I was diagnosed in September and it has taken my o/h a long time to under stand the life changing impact endo is having on me it is only now sinking in as I gave my second op. I feel for you I am grieving too for my lost pre endo life.

Here are some sources to share







I do empathise with you but he could be grieving too for the fact that you may not be able to have children.

Is is worth looking into joint counselling for you both to help you come to terms with the news?


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