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quality of scans and dr competency?

Hi everyone,

I would like your opinion on the following.

I'm 36 y.o.

So, 15 months ago I had bleeding between periods first and only time ever, periods very regular but heavyish, bareble pain, nothing to complain about. Obviously went to the gp because of this bleeding, was sent for a scan, last december ultrasound showed simple cyst 5cm, then the next scan in march revealed it was still there, sonographer said she will sent a letter to my gp to get a gynecologist appointment, however mistake was made and I was sent for another scan, which I did in may...the same answer..simple cyst 5cm, nothing to worry (all done by 3 different people), again told to expect a letter to get gynecologist app. However, I moved house and this letter got lost etc...so I went to my new gp practise in november last year (a year after original bleeding "event") and was told I can't get to the gynecologist, will have to do scan first to see if the cyst is still there. Ok that was done in mid december, different hospital, now..4th different person scanning...answer the same ...5cm simple syst, referral to gynecologist.

Then In January I went on holiday to my home country, and since it is super easy to get a gynecologist appointment in couple of days in advance, I thought lets see what they will say. In my home country it is actually a gynecologist who performs the scan, so she looked and she said are you joking??!! 4 different people have said its a simple cyst? It is a textbook endometrioma and need removal asap! They also give the scan pictures to the patient, so I got to keep them.

By then my gynecologist appointment day finally was scheduled and I went in the end of January to see a consultant. I told her all this straight away and she looked at the scan for 5seconds and said yes it is endometrioma. So she booked me straight away for laparoscopy to remove the cyst and treat endometriosis (plus hysteroscopy to remove a polyp which also showed on this last scan)

Now..... has anyone had this that sonographers cant /aren't able or qualified enough (all 4of them) to tell the difference between simple and endometrioma?

And! Should a consultant book someone for this procedure only by looking at some scan that I provided myself? When I said do you want to have a look? She said Oh I have seen it (meaning the previos scan) but I pulled mine out of the pocket anyway and then her face changed! Could it have been a simple turned endometriosis within 3weeks? Her writing on the op agreement to treat endometriosis means she thinks there is definately endometriosis because there is a cyst?

Very confused and sorry for the long post but you know, ladies, everyone has a different story and we just want to know the answers.

Thank you

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Not sure if this is helpful but yep i had a similar issues I went to new hospital in Aug thought I'd be organised and get photocopy of some of my notes from my Lap, done at a different hospital 6 months prior including photocopies of pictures and letter saying about discussing a possible hysterectomy but saying my problems are bowel /bladder ones mostly so still not sure hysterectomy would resolve . At my lap I had superficial endo removed from various areas and adenomyosis diagnosed.

At the appointment at new hospital I wasn't examined was a rapid appointment and was just offered either a coil or hysterectomy as nothing else they could do about pain and offered a vaginal hysterectomy ?? I said what about the endo and she said well if I didn't mind waiting could have it laparoscopic and any endo removed at same time ?? so I said yes to hysterectomy swept along just wanting pain to stop........

as thought there would be more tests and appointments before this but no ....pre op appointment still not been examined or scanned ???

Called off hysterectomy asked for another appointment with gyne I have had a endometrial ablation in meantime while I consider what to do .....

but yes I too wish I'd bought no notes with me as then would have been investigated see my other long post I've left today ....... its so difficult :(

Think Drs are generally good its just the blurry NHS admin that seems a mess + if action by Dr are just from info we say + limited info we bring is worrying that something missed then wrong action taken .......... But then hopefully in your case now the right action has now been taken :)


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