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Endometriosis finally found!! Don't give up hope!!

Had my second laparoscopy last Tuesday which basically was carried out by the hospital for my peace of mind and I think to finally shut me up, they were 100% convinced I did not have endo and had put me in contact with the pain clinic for possible nerve pain but also put me on Anti depressants because a couple of doctors said the pain could just be in my head! After two years of being told this and starting to believe what I was hearing I have finally been diagnosed with endometriosis, this was found on the left side where I had been experiencing all of my pain and discomfort. I was informed there was old endo scarring and also recent endo which has now been removed! I had a laparoscopy exactly one year ago and was told there was definitely no endometriosis there at all and the person to tell me this was a specialist in endometriosis! I am not sure what stage I am or what is going to happen moving forward but I just wanted to let you all know who are in my position not to give up and listen to your body, I knew there was something wrong and sobbed when I was finally told last week! Don't let people tell you it's in your head and make you feel like they don't believe you because only you know how you feel! Hope this helps some of you x

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Congratulations on your diagnosis, I sobbed too when they told me they'd found it. I hope the next generation don't have to struggle to get diagnosed. Good luck with your recovery x


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