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Gall stones or endometrioses?

Hi there,

I am really confused guys, I started my period two days ago but prior to that (about 8days ago) I developed pain in my left leg (I am struggling to put my weight on the left leg).

One day (about 7 days ago) I woke up with really bad pain just where the rib cage ends on my right hand side. This pain got so worse that I suspected I somehow had broken my rib. My suspicion was that I used my hoola hoop whilst my leg was aching so my hoop kept going up a bit and may be that hurt my muscle or my rib.

Anyway on Friday I started my period and the pain on my right got so worse that I had to go into hospital to see an emergency doctor at night time. He did a physical examination and said I had gall stones and required surgery!!! This is without him doing any blood tests or sending me for an ultrasound scan.

On Saturday, I saw my GP who said I would get an appointment for an ultra sound scan soon and Also took my blood sample to test it. The reason Im so worried is because this GP said 'who knows if you have gall stones or It could be Endo affecting the area!'

I really do not want Endometrioses to spread up anywhere else. Has any of you ever been in this kind of situation? Please let me know.

My period is so 'clotty' and Im in absolute agony right now. I choose not to take pain killers as they are not good for liver so just hugging my hot water bottle until this phase is over!

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