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Endo and contraceptives

Morning all,

Hope you are well I'm just looking for some advice regarding contraceptives and endo I have recently been diagnosed and am awaiting surgery which is scheduled for July.

Currently I take triadene which is a combined pill I take it for 3 weeks and have a break which naturally gives me a period. The week leading up to the break and usually the week after my break I'm getting increasing pains however less bleeding I'm not sure if this is the pill suppressing the endo symptoms or if it's genuine.

My partner and I have been discussing contraceptives as when I have had the surgery we are going to consider trying for a baby probs starting end of the year or 2018. Can anyone advise me on whether this method of contraceptive is the best way forward forcing a period or is there anything else I could go to my GP with to ease the pain I'm having

Thank you for reading!!

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Hi Leenie0811

Why don't you take a look at our treatment pack. It explains different treatments for endometriosis. I hope you find it useful.



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