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Right Ovary Pain Post Excision

Hi everyone...

I had excision surgery 12 weeks ago done by a very well known endo excision specialist in NY. He removed 12 areas of immflamation / tissue / adhesions, etc. My ovaries, tubes, bladder, all looked normal.

My post op has been rough - definitely not the one week recovery I anticipated. Although most of the early difficulties of post op have no subsided (still some tenderness and nerve tingles), my right side ovary very much hurts. It feels a bit swollen in that area. I have some pubic pain In the area and my right thigh feels sore as well. Has anyone experienced this post surgery? Did it go away?

I appreciate anyone's insight and guidance! Thank you all for your courage and hope.

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I know with me any kind of surgery around ovaries or near leaves a scar and the scar can feel like endo .

Sometimes it gets better with time others not so much ,

I think the thing is is to get the inflammation down as much and as quickly as possible .

A lot of pain meds do not address inflation which is the source of most all pain .

There are some natural things to do to reduce inflammation as well as some meds if you can take them .

I found that antiflamatory meds worked way better than narcostucs .

I used to take a leaf from an aloe Vera plant ad clean it and pop it into a quart of water in a bottle .

Keep filling up the water bottle with same leaf for over a week .

Try to get as much as you can down everyday .

The plant may look not so appealing but I have to say it was the cleanest tasting water I ever had .

I believed it helped with a lot of inflammation and adhesions.

Most adhesions start forming the day you have surgery and during the healing period .

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Thank you for the tip!

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