New and worried!

Hi my names Dawn. I'm 24. I have been battling with chronic pain in my stomach area for nearly 8 months. I have had scans, blood tests, smeer tests. I was referred to the Gynecologist about October time. I finally seen them about a month ago. The consultant says I've more and likely got endometriosis with all my symptoms I have. I have been sent for a laparoscopy. I am really worried about it as I have a 2 year old and just started a new job.

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  • I really feel for you it's not an easy thing to decide. However you have to decide if you would rather have this surgery and potentially make that chronic pain a lot better for the sake of a few weeks of discomfort or go on through the chronic pain for as long as it lasts. I ended up in hospital having a lap after being on my previous job for a month and due to it being a chronic condition I went through occupational health and they were marvellous with me and I stayed in my job for 2 years. However I started a new job in July last year and became ill in the September again with endo and was off work for a month and I lost my job and have had to claim esa. It is worth finding out when they will be operating as sometimes it can be an emergency and sometimes it can be months down the line and in the meantime check your work sickness policy. As for your child can you get someone to help for a week or two? Sending best wishes and hope it all goes well xx

  • I'm going ahead with the laparoscopy. I would rather be off work for a couple of weeks than be in the constant pain. I'm going to speak to my manager about it. Sadly no there isn't anyone. Partner has to work to pay for the bills and mother in law works during the day. I have my pre op on the 14th of February (great valentines gift haha) so will have laparoscopy within three months of then. So just a bit of a waiting game till then. Thank you Xxx

  • I've got my lap on Thursday so I'll no doubt be laid up for Valentine's Day myself! My friends partner took sick leave himself for a week to help her out and my other friends partner booked annual leave for a few days while she really needed the help. I don't know if any of those options are suitable but it could be worth considering. Good luck with it though xxx

  • Once I have had my pre op assessment I will ask my partner to take a weeks holiday once I have my date for my operation. Just so I can get the help I need around the house and looking after my very active 2 year old. Good luck with your op. Xxx

  • hope everything turns out ok for you!

    do not waste your time on worries just go for the treatment whatever it will have to be, just do not let this nervousness won over you!

    good luck!

    *coming from someone who was battling with not only infertility and came all the way to having twins from a surrogate mother. I am not trying to tell you to think that for you this is also the only way, just want to encourage you and tell you that there is always a way!!


  • Thank you. I'm just worried my partners work won't be very helpful due to it being a local family run business and having to look after a very active 2 year old. The laparoscopy doesn't worry me, just after and how I will cope. Thank you. This support means a lot as my partner doesn't really understand why I'm sore all the time and can't do much some days. Xxxx

  • I am glad that you felt better because the support is what we all are here for honestly! I hope that you manage to resolve everything and in the end we will be happily reading your BFP update!!

    I know how it feels because even if my hubby is with me 24/7 I know that for him it is all ununderstandable because he is a man and all he can do is just support me with all the strength he has.


  • Thank you. I can't wait till I have my op and I can have a painless life again. I came home from work tonight (only 4 hours) to my partner having cleaned the house and put son to bed. All because I told him I had a bad day with pain. :) they know how to support us with love and strength just not the physical side (wish they could haha) xxx

  • that's really sweet and cute! This is what I call pure love, this kind of attention makes our life easier, right? They do know even though they cannot understand what we are going through to their fullest. I wish they could too but they are trying to help us with all of their forces! and that is what truly matters :)

    My lovely DH is here for me, he knows that I wasn't feeling well at the very beginning of our fertility journey, of the very beginning of our surrogacy program but he knew that he has to do everything possible to make me feel better and I really appreciate it!


    PS he even managed to go and buy me a coffee while we were staying in Ukraine, I didn't even see that there was a coffee shop near us, we were staying in the hotel that was far from the center but he bought me the hottest and the most delicious cappuccino ever.

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