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endometriosis hell!

hey all, I'm new to this so just bare with me.

I'm 21 years old and have had endo since I was 12 but have only just been diagnosed. it started off as just bad periods bed binding cramps and depression and has progressed over the years to bad depression, bowel issues, joint pain, back passage bleeding, chronic fatigue (I had severally for example years), nausea and now the cramps are so painful they make me sick and unable to move. I've been on every hormone treatment apart from the implant which I refused to have after having the post menopause jab for 3 months which I can only say it was hell going through that! I'm now due to have a lap done as nothing else has worked for me. I was on naproxen for the pain and because that is now failing I have been put on codeine. my fertility is in question and what makes this all worse is that it's a daily struggle, I wish I only had all of this on my time of the month but I don't :( it's every damn day I go through this. the endo has messed with my nervous system too and I honestly don't know what to do anymore, I have to have so much time off of work and worry I'll lose my job over this. I've just come to terms with my condition. is there anything that can help that I haven't tried ?

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I feel your pain, sounds exactly like me at the minute waiting on surgery. I've started falling all the time with the pain, I'm currently using tramadol and naproxen, but wonder would never blockers work better?? Current pain relief leave me that I can't feel my face and really fuzzy, but can still feel the pelvis pain. I'm at a loss how to stop this condition ruining my life.... I'm sorry no words of wisdom, I'm just putting all my hope on surgery xx take care.... it's really not easy xx


what are blockers ? I haven't heard of them before. it really is a nasty illness, I hope things do get better for you xx


This made me cry - i don't really have much to say to make it better but you have just described my life currently. Literally every single day - how do we carry on like this?! I've also recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and my whole body hurts!! I'm having a laparoscopy on Wednesday (2nd - first was just to diagnose) and I'm praying for some relief. I have the Mirena coil which has helped to some degree, I take Mefenemic Acid daily for the pain, codeine/paracetamol in 60/1000mg when the pain is at its worst and have recently been given Diclofenic after a trip to A&E. Just keep fighting, keep on your brave face and push through the capable days. Be compassionate with yourself on the worst days, don't beat yourself up for feeling the way you do, you'll get stuck in the vicious pain cycle. sending you big hugs and positive vibes xxxx


I had the coil fitted last year for a week then had to have a emergency appointment to have it removed as my body didn't agree with it, man that was painful :( was on mefenemic acid when I was a teenager was again didn't work so now have to give codeine a try hopefully it works!. I've now been put on the cancellation list for surgery.

I used to only have issues on my time of the month when I was younger and now it's every day. feels like I can't lead a normal life :( I'm so sorry you have to go through it too! sending hugs out to you too xx


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