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Clomid and Endo

Hi all!

Brief overview: x2 lap and hsg, no pregnancies (no miscarriages etc). Endo on back left cavity, pouch of Douglas and obturator nerve. No evidence of PCOS.

Was in Prostap/Lupron for 3 months, pain since then has been awful and haven't had period since (last injection was 28th Nov 2016) Gynaecologist has given me Norethisterone to kick start periods and given me Clomid to ovulate..

Has anyone else had clomid with Endo and been successful in conceiving? Any advice or stories would be a huge help! Positive or negative ones too!


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I have endo I'm about to have my second lap and I'm starting clomid after it. One of my close friends has been on clomid for six months and she hasn't conceived she also has endo. However I have heard of quite a few women who have conceived with clomid including one of the women I used to work with so I have hope and I hope you do too xx

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hello - I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis via laparoscopy in may 2016 - then given 3 months to conceived naturally - unsuccessful. After that was put on clomid - 6 rounds of it and no success. Just this Friday I ve had a call from fertility clinic regards results of 21 progresteron test - and I didn't ovulate again. Although first month after laparoscopy the result where rather promising later on with clomid my levels dropped to low - 10 :( so waiting for appointment to discuss IVF route. One more point regards my endo sympthoms - pain - is worse than before laparoscopy - and I'm close to blame it on clomid what I ve read up till now. Wishing you all the best x viktoria

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