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Endometriosis and experience with clomid?

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Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and so glad I've come across it. Reading stories that I can relate to reminds me I'm not on my own! I made the decision to leave work almost a year ago due to the horrible endo pain I suffer and hubby and I decided it would be perfect timing to try for our first. After a year, sadly no baby yet. We've been seeing a fertility specialist currently.

I was curious to know if anyone with endometriosis has any experience and/or success stories of ttc on clomid? I'm due to start taking it in a few months. (currently taking a few months off from trying inorder to get mentally and emotionally rejuvenated after a year of trying).

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Hey - not a positive story but I did have clomid, I was offered it as something before we went to ivf even though I didn’t need it as I ovulate every month. I decided to try it anyway BUT it made my endo pain so much worse and I stopped after the 2nd month.... I just want you to be aware that it can aggravate endo due to the hormones.

We did conceive naturally after 2 1/2yrs tho- I completely understand how hard it is to stay positive Xx

hi. Hope you're ok. Clomid made my endometriosis alot worse I'm afraid, the chocolate cysts I had grew quickly and i ended up having emergency surgery as they ruptured. The bsge specialist I saw afterwards for further surgery to sort out the cysts properly said if you have endometriosis you need to be very careful monitored on clomid as it can make it worse and quickly ( th fertility consultant was very dismissive about the endometriosis). As it turned out my tubes werr completely blocked and unsalvageable so it wouldn't have worked anyway. Make sure you are well monitored and if you start to feel ill get yourself checked out. Good luck. Xx

I got pregnant after taking metformin. I was on a double dose and I’m not sure it helped but I was willing to give anything a go. Fingers crossed for you.

Hi, I have PCOS and endometriosis and tried unsuccessfully for a couple years to conceive. I was eventually prescribed Clomid and fell pregnant on the second round. I went on to have another Clomid baby 2.5 years later, again fell pregnant on the second round. Good luck, fingers crossed for you. Xx

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Hi I had success with clomid after my third laparoscopy to treat endometriosis. I fell the 1st cycle of trying clomid! This is after 7 years of TTC & I’m now 20 weeks pregnant. Good luck hope you have success with it! xoxo

Thank you so much everyone for your comments! I already have extremely bad endo pain every month so I'm definitely going to flag that up to my consultant. I didn't know metformin could help, will ask about that at my next appointment.

I'm really praying clomid works for me. From my blood tests we found that I have low progeterone count and low egg count. I knew I didn't ovulate every month but the low egg reserve came as a shock. None the less must try and keep up the optimism. Xx

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