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I went to see my gynaecologist on Tuesday after they found pelvic congestion on an ultrasound, she asked me could she do a pelvic exam and told me after it that she uterus wasn't movable and she's sure it's endometriosis. so has booked me in for a laparoscopy and cystoscopy, I've had a load of symptoms for 3 years and the last lap 3 years ago was clear. is this a waste of time going for this? and how can they tell from a pelvic exam? xx

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Hey hun :)

I would take the opportunity with wide arms! Not alot of people get offered a Lap so i would just go for it and see how it goes, maybe they missed it the first time around! xx

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My GP found my rectal nodule by internal exam and I believe a frozen uterus is quite a specifically recognisable endo thing where organs can't slip about any more due to endo scarring and feels rigid to the touch.

If you prior lap wasn't conclusive I would make sure you go to a dedicated bsge endo centre for this one as endo is sometimes missed be general gynae's.


I agree, definitely take the lap, but make sure as Starry says, that you go to an endo clinic as it can be missed by people who aren't used to looking for it.


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