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Blood Results

Following a rough period i had a blood test yesterday as was getting rather dizzy. Results came back today and it's a folic acid deficiency not iron like they suspected. Slightly annoying that the packaging for all folic acid tablets is to do with pregnancy and fertility.

They suspect my heavy bleeds have contributed to this, but im just glad it's nothing serious.

Good to finally have support from doctor too, usually only my gyno wants to listen.

All in all feeling positive, anemia is manageable! Staying strong and focused 💜💜

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Hi i had a recent blood test come back i was low in folate. Got told to eat lots more spinach broccoli and sprouts he also put me on folic acid tablets for 3 months. Yes i find this annoying as wanting a baby so bad but cant only thru ivf which im not able to afford at the minute. My periods messed up but they found me to have 2 large fibroids. Since having them removed i havent bled this was 3 weeks ago. So glad your feeling posative. On wards an upwards as they say. Good luck 😘


I'm on prostap now to try and help my periods and other issues.

Sorry to hear about your ivf predicament - is there nothing else they can do? Sending you much love and luck xxxx


Oh ive not heard of Prostap. I will look it up. No nothing they can do regarding the ivf as i dont qualify for Nhs as im over 40 now. We was broken into last year after i had been saving to go private they took all our savings. And this has put a big stress on weather i want to carry on in this journey im at the point of giving up. But im not a person that gives up easaliy. Just hope a miracle will happen one day. Thanks for your kind reply. Much love back. Xxx


Oh god that's awful! Sorry to hear you didn't get the money back.

Would you ever foster or adopt? Xxxxxc


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