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I was diagnosed and treated with endometriosis on 14/12/16 (just over a month ago)

My recovery went really well, within a few days I could walk around normally and had no pain.

A few weeks I was diagnosed with a bladder infection due to the coil I had put in to prevent endometriosis coming back. I was prescribed antibiotics and have finished the course.

The last few days Iv been getting the pain I had before being diagnosed with endometriosis. It's in the same the same place, not as bad untill tonight where it feel exactly how I felt a few months ago.

I don't know what to do, I'm meant to be going back to work next week, I'm completely clueless. Is this normal to get after everything or should I go back to gp.

Many thanks

Emma xox

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Where did you have endo and what was done - do you have the discharge note?


Not sure where I had it, waiting to see my gynaecologist to find out and no I was told the discharge note was coming in the post. I had a laparoscopy x


The discharge note must be given to you before leaving. Your GP must get a report sent electronically within 24 hours. I should either phone the hospital and request it as per required procedure or make an appointment with your GP to see what was found and done.

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Okay thank you x


It could be that you need the coil out. It may have moved. Or does not suit you. Best to get them to check. And speak to your dr. Sorry you are going through it. It's horrible. Hugs X

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