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Try for a baby or not?

I am 28 and have recently been diagnosed with an endometrioma (4cm on right ovary) and adenomyosis. I have had really painful periods for as long as I have had them so am not really surprised. I have seen 2 consultants. One told me he'll rescan me in 6 months to check for growth of cyst but didn't mention anything else about treatment etc.

The other said that I should go on the pill/coil to help suppress the endometriosis or start to try to conceive. He said that the longer I leave trying to have a baby the less my chances will be and the less chance the interventions will have of working as I get older.

I am 100% sure that I want children but was planning to start trying for them next year as I am getting married in August. Quite selfishly I'm not really ready for kids just yet and I have a 5 week travelling holiday booked. My fiancé is really happy and excited to start trying from whenever.

Am I being silly leaving it a year and a half? Should I try to give conception as much time as possible? When I have googled it the response seems to be try as soon as you can. I know that no one can really answer this for me, but any opinions or experiences would be really helpful!


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I was in a similar situation, and we put it off until after we got married. I'm a couple of years older than you, and have had conflicting info from doctors from 'start right now' to 'don't worry 31 isn't old you've got heaps of time'...but we decided that was the best for us. I got married a few months ago and still no baby, but I don't regret that decision because weddings are SO stressful and I don't think I would have handled it being pregnant

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Thanks for your reply. I am so torn about it as I feel like everyone says something different. I kind of deep down want to delay trying for a year and focus on getting married and going on holiday etc but am worried I'll really regret that if I can't have a baby in 18 months.


It must be absolutely your decision as to whether or not to have a baby. But the fact that you do want to try when the time is right is all the more reason to have thorough investigations and treatments sooner rather than later. The NICE guideline confirms that one of the reasons for having a lap is if you, the patient, has concerns about future fertility - or if you just want one. An endometrioma will usually indicate endo elsewhere in your pelvis and they are often associated with adhesions that could be pulling your ovary/tube out of line that could mean conception would be impossible on that side, unless surgically corrected. Since you prefer to give yourself an 18 month window I would use it to have thorough investigations/treatment to put you in a better place for trying to conceive.


Hello! I am 29, and my husband and I have been trying for a baby for almost 3 years now. Nothing. After waiting months for a referral to a fertility clinic, we finally had our appointment just before Christmas. I brought up my concern about endometriosis, a pelvic scan revealed yes, I have a 5cm Endometrioma on my left ovary, 3cm on my right. Merry Christmas. For us the way forward is surgery as we want to be able to give ourselves the best possible chance of being able to conceive. As well as removing the cysts, they will be checking the fallopian tubes and for any other growths/adhesions. As our Dr said, all other treatments involve hormones which would prevent a pregnancy, so surgery is our only option at this stage. I believe this has to be an individual choice for your own circumstances as to what's best for you. It's your body, it's your life, it's your ultimate choice. If it was me personally, I would be asking to have a laparoscopy to remove the cyst, and check the condition of the fallopian tubes (as Lindle says), to give myself the best possible chance of being able to conceive in the future, but that choice is your's and your partner's to make. Whatever you decide, good luck and all the best for your wedding :)


I am in the exact same boat, apart i would have a baby now, but my partner wouldnt. I have other health issues going on too which would put me an baby at great risk if i ever did or could fall pregnant..


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