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I'm new here, possible endometriosis

I am 17 years old and have been experiencing heavy bleeding sometimes for up to 2 weeks and severe pain since I was 13. My GP put me on the pill a year and a half ago to try and manage it however I do occasionally bleed and get pain before my break even though I take my pill consistently. I was given mefenamic for the pain which had limited affect and only for a short amount of time. My other symptoms include nausea, light headedness, repulsion to foods id normally like and loss of appetite.

I had an ultrasound early last year which showed no signs of cysts or abnormalities however I was referred to a gynaecologist when no improvement was seen. After a few meetings I was referred for a laparoscopy which also showed no signs of endometriosis or abnormalities. I was told to try buscopan as my issues could be bowel related however they had no affect.

I have also been experiencing sharp pain in my left breast and pain/bleeding when I get aroused.

I have a gynaecology appointment next week however they are unsure as to what is wrong, does anyone have any ideas?

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I have also been diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia


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