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low ovarian reserve and cyst on my ovary


I was wondering if anybody had similar dilemma. I am 35 yo and had 2 miscarriages last year. I have a less that 3 cm endometrial cyst on my ovary and most likely endo in my uterus. I found out about the cyst when I first got pregnant, I didn't have any pain before that and neither really have now. My endo consultant signed me up for an operation in March to remove the cyst as endo might have had caused the miscarriage. However I have quite low AMH and I know that the operation will make it worse. On the other had the cyst is damaging my ovary and eggs. In the UK they wont investigate any further about my miscarriage as I need to go through 3 so I am doing some tests in Poland ( that is where I am originally from). My doctor in Poland advised against the operation because of my low AMH and this is why I am so torn apart now as I don't know what to do. I need to make a decision in the next few weeks. On one had I am really worried that after the op I wont be able to get pregnant due to low no of eggs and in the same time I may regret that I didn't remove it as it might be causing the miscarriage.

I would very much appreciate if anybody with similar experience could let me know how they went about it.

Thank u

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Hey Hun I'm sorry to be reading this, I had a failed ivf last month and I was told I had a 6cm cyst. I was told that it wouldn't interfere with my ivf cycle as it was a non hormone cyst. What is your amh? I am 29 and mine is 8.4. I really don't want another operation again either and in struggling to conceive. Never been pregnant :( been trying for 2 years now x


You could try a short course of progesterone treatment, visanne or something similar to dampen down the endo.

Maybe do the endo diet with antiinflammatories and no gluten etc as that may help to.

Surgery causes adhesions and scaring. Which can cause pain and other issues if it pulls your ovary out of position etc.

You are conceiving which is wonderful. Xx


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