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Cycstoscopty?? Next step? Any drink calms bladder endo? Also endo flare ups effecting my eyes?!

So I've had my lap with small endo removed but I'm still convinced the endo is causing havoc however small inside my bladder and inside my rectum/bowel which had been currently ignored I don't know why as I've always said it was there from the beginning I assumed he'd see some on the outside too. I started taking the mini pill but just like every other time I start contraception the endo seems to flare initially for a week or so does this happen to anyone else??

The specialist has not booked me in for a follow up appointment and we move to Holland in three months making me wonder if pursuing him to look better is worth it or wait and hope holland have a better system.

Can a GP refer me to a urologist for a camera without the specialist say so and can endo be identified this way? I've never been offered this even after two laparoscopies?

Can anyone associate the sore tender eyelids and eyes with bowel endo or general endo inflammation. Should I see an eye doctor?

I'm going to be strong and firm at my next dr appointment as I know how I feel regardless of how much endo the specialist removed last week. It's still present in my bladder my bowel is backed up and the more fibre I eat the worse I feel and my eyes are still kicking off.

How do I talk to gps and specialists so they'll listen??


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