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Fed up!

Why is my sister in law so cruel? I haven't told her I have endo because it will give her another reason to put me down but she has 2 children and I obviously have none. She knows how much it means to me to have my own baby one day even though I can't conceive 😔 But she always says we all are blessed in different ways and I should be lucky about life and not complain. I have enough on my plate with my health and her drama doesn't help

She's such a cruel person and really doesn't care how she makes someone feel. Iv had it with her now can't handle her anymore. Sorry about the rant. 🙊

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Hey hun,

Bloody family eh!

I'm the same, when I tell my family about what I'm going through they are just like yeah well you'll live...

Your health is more important.

Yep it would be coming from them who've got bloody kids!🤔🖕 xxx


I don't have a great relationship with my in law so anyway but I try to be normal around them because I don't want to tell them anything at all. Can't trust them 😔 Shouldn't let her get to me but she just winds me up

But yeh had it with rude sis in law. True it's the ones who have kids usually be arrogant about it. Karma that's all I'm going to say!


I know how you feel but mines my sister! I get similar comments that I'd be ok if I just got out and lived my life. I'm 45 and had it for years and of course I don't have kids and she has two and this is my fault for not living my life! I've tried explaining endo and affects but I only found out I suffered in last few years

I would say tell her you have endo but be really specific and short so say "I've been diagnosed with endometriosis that means I'll never have children as that choice has been taken away from me and I'm learning to live with that and welcome all the other blessings I have".

That way she knows it's not your fault it's something that happened to you but also that you have listened to her. I wouldn't get into any conversation as you're likely to be criticised and get upset but I'm hoping her just knowing the facts may help your relationship a bit. And if anyone else starts on at you about how you don't get on with your sister in law you can again just state you have endo and you didn't feel supported so your taking of yourself as only you can.

Good luck.


Thank you Marcia. I can't tell her or my in laws they would never ever understand if anything they will have another thing to talk about and make fun of. They can never accept me anyway and by telling them about endo I'll just cause more problems for myself. My husband has told me to stay quiet about it. Only my close friends know and family know.

I had suspected miscarriage 2 years ago and they still didn't care. Hey have cold hearts which will never change towards me. 😢


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