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hi everyone

I do not have any question rather than my story, my own little story that maybe needs your advice. For instant I am undergoing my third ivf treatment after I had fibroids and endometriosis treatment. this time my ivf is on donor's eggs and i have been through some breakdowns already because I was not able to conceive previously using my own eggs and for now after we spent so much money on all of those tx life put us in front of another challenge. we have to go abroad for just a small reducing of the price for ivf tx...

as i have mentioned i have been treated already, my endo and fibroids are gone, but I am still not sure that my fertility's been improved because of all of those results.. I do not really know much about long effects of endo on women's fertility issues but can this be a reason why I haven't been able to conceive yet? sorry if this is a stupid question..

and thank you

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How did your endo go? And you should go back to your gyno to see if your fertility has improved or if there are any other changes.


i had hormone therapy and then i had to turn to laparoscopy. as for now no sign of endo is to be seen even though it was very risky to go for ivf after it... i was told that it has to improve my fertility and i think it did.. but the results are disappointing.


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