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Stopping Depo Provera - what to expect

I am 52 now and have lived with Endo since my 20's. Depo has been the most successful treatment in treating my endo, no periods, no symptoms, no pain - happy days! I am now considering stopping this as blood tests show I am post menopausal. I am interested to hear from anyone that has been in a similar situation and can give me tips on what to expect next. Having suffered badly for years I am fearful the endo symptoms will return and what effects I will experience with the withdrawal of the depo.

Thank you.

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Since your post menopausal it's most likely that symptoms won't return. Once you hit menopause your hormones are no longer fluctuatating like they would if you have a menstraul cycle which can cause endo to grow when o-estrogen rises.

Not to mention you have been on depo for so long that the endo may be gone.

You will feel a loss of hormones since you no longer have them or depo provera (progesterone) in your system, evening primrose may help. If you do go on HRT avoid estrogen.

I'm too young (17) but maybe others can help.

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