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How can I help my daughter

My daughter aged 30 has suffered with abdominal pain for the last 13 yrs. I know she has cysts on her ovaries and suffers from endometriosis. She has been on a lot of pain killers including morphine. At the moment she has implants ( hormones i think ) and the pain has gone , the problem is she is supposed to get the implants replaced every 28 days and after 21 days the implants are wearing off and she is experiencing pain again, She is so upset because the gyne doctor has said that if she still suffers pain during these implants she will not do the operation she wants ( hysterectomy ) because it means the diagnosis that was made is incorrect. All the family can see how this implant is working. I need to know how can I help my daughter, if the operation is refused what can she do. can we pay to get it done privately and if so where.

waiting for your help


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Cray how we all get told different things from these 'medical professionals' I had a lap and was confirmed endometriosis.... I was then put on Zoladex injections every month (in my stomach to create a false temporary menopause) and I was the same, I knew when they started to wear off and was due my next one. When it came to my third injection the pain started to come back so my Gynae said 'oh well they're obviously not working for you so next step is a hysterectomy and there's no guarantee it will stop the pain' Crazy how we never get a consistent message. I'm in the process of getting a second opinion from a BSGE Centre x


Hi Diedee, the best thing for your daughter would be to see a specialist at a BSGE centre. Just because the implants aren't working doesn't mean it's not endo. With severe disease these rarely help. Also a hysterectomy won't cure the endo , trust me I know . Had TAH and BSO last March and actually have more pain now than before. Your daughter needs complete excision of all endo. At these BSGE centres they work with both bowel and bladder surgeons to be sure everything is covered.

I honestly wouldn't recommend a hysterectomy at such a young age as it does bring its own set of problems and complications and she would then need to be on hrt if she has ovaries removed to . The oestrogen then feeds any remaining endo that might be left and she would end up back to square one.

Unless the uterus is diseased (adenomyosis) then complete excision would benefit your daughter more.

Good luck.


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