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Endo and pain

hi all

I have had endonetriosis for some time now I have had two laproscopic surgeries after my second in October this year I have had no relief and my symptoms have got worse my doctor is no help my bladder and bowels either work over time or not at all my back is ib constant agony I have really bad anxiety I had a year of zoladex last year and finished this in august this year and still haven't had a period my gp gave me some pills to start my period and still nothing my gp don't seem worried About my bowels or bladder or my constant back and adominal pain just fobbing it off on ibs (which I have had in the past and was noting like the pain I get now ) I have some naproxen which don't really help any one had a similar ecperince should I be worried? Or is that just endometriosis.

Advice would be much appreciated xx

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Can I ask if your surgery was in a BSGE centre? Have they said why your symptoms haven't improved?


No it was just the local hospital they haven't really said anything other than were not sure. I kinds put up with pain I'm use to it but its my periods that worry me mist and they don't seem to care z


If I were you I would ask your GP to refer you to a specialist BSGE endo centre for a second opinion as it seems that general gynae can't help you further at this stage. Only endo specialist centres are allowed to treat bowel endo anyway and their surgeons have advanced training and dedicated multi disciplinary teams.


I started with general gynae too but swapped over due to advice on here and recently had my first op with bowel investigation to follow in new year.


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