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I am now signed of due to sleep issues until recovered from surgery.

Manager had a right go at me said i had planned to get christmas off said he heard me say so to customer when in fact what I said when asked by customers who ask it would probably be what my doctor would do says he hears a lot of my conversations. Seems I am being spyied on😢

Also was told not part of the team and that I should change the way I think😬 should you really say that to someone with anxiety?

Was also told to stop telling customers about my op and medical problems I said why because they ask he replied they don't ask because they don't care.😢😤

They do care I have known a lot of them for 11-12 years some live down my street been here 20 years.

Also wanted to know why I don't talk to him or some ofv my other work colleagues a lot I replyied because it feels like to me that you all don't like me had no reply

So I was right would have got some reply if wrong😱

Got a haslf hearted have a good chrismas did not wish me luck for op.

The people who my mum works for have wished me well I don't even know them. From work nothing charming.

I oftern here them scoff and whisper about me when talking about endo to my customers nasty isn't it.

This is what I have to deal with having this disease with that on top.

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Huge hugs. X x x Sounds suspiciously like bullying to me. Perhaps your new year's resolution might be to find a new job. Especially if the op helps your symptoms. Take care of you.

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This is not how you should be treated!!! If it comes to it, you need to have evidence of this bullying. Record it down with dates and what was said. Copy emails written and any minutes from meetings. You would be able to put a grievance case in especially if the wretch of a manager tries to dismiss you on health grounds. Hope the op goes well and just focus on u!


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