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cyst found on ovary

Hi i am having trouble getting my coil out so i went back hospital yesterday to get results back from a scan.to be told they found a cyst,i go back in hospital in 6-8 weeks to get put asleep to get coil removed an new one put back in.i also had a blood test an waiting to go back for a scan to see if cyst had grown & if it has i have to go back in for another op....just wonder if any one else has had to go thro all this kind of stuff......i feel so down

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Hugs x I had a small ovarian cyst removed which had glued it to my abdomen wall and also a coil fitted last week in my laparoscopy. You're not alone x x


I'm no expert, but could you ask to have the cyst removed at the same time as having the coil removed? Hope you feel better soon. X


Probably not, a laproscopy (used to look for and treat endometriosis) requires excursions in the abdomen while the coil is fitted through the cervix which is located under the uterus which means that the doctors cannot look through the abdomen.

Also the room needs to be prepared for a laproscopy since they use diffenrt instruments.


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