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Advice wanted , pseudo menopause

Hi I am 28 and just had my first injection to bring on a menopause to help treat my endo .i have already had 2 laps with removal and now my doctor thinks this is the next step, he has also given me hrt tablets livial tibolone to take if I get any symptoms from the menopause , has anyone had this before i am really worried about the side effects ,especially moods as I suffer with moods swings and slight depression at the min,I think that is mainly down to being in pain and all the painkillers I have to take daily but I am still worried ,can anyone please help with own experiences xxxx

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The hormone injection should only be given for 6 months and your symptoms will be back once the injection stops. Were you treated at a BSGE centre? You need total excision not ablation. With ablation the endometriosis will come back in most cases.

Check out lindle posts here for referral pathway. You need to make your GP refer you to the appropriate centre not put you on temporary fix.


I've had it - it did help but be aware that you get a hormone surge in the first month so things may get worse before they get better. If you've got HRT please take it and don't wait until you feel terrible before you start, particularly if you are worried anyway.

As has been said - this is not a cure. It will hopefully give you some relief from the pain but in the majority of women the pain returns once the injections are stopped. If you google bsge endometriosis centre there is a list - these are specialist NHS centres dealing only with endo and are much, much better than general gynae.


Thank you I will start taking the hrt then,he told me not to until I had symptoms and I will have a look now at BSGE centres , thank you very much ladies xxx


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