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Abdominal pain...again

Hello am new to this site and wondered if anybody could give me advice, I had an hysterectomy 2 years ago due in endometriosis and my ovary being attached to my bowel , as was well till 2 weeks ago when u pain came back on the side were my ovaries were along with the back and leg pains, don't want to go through all the ops to be in the same pain, anybody else had same problemishes. Thanks.

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Sorry to say I have had same but my pain came back much quicker. Within a few weeks!

Did you have your ovaries out at time of hyster?

If you did then endo can feed itself or hrt can. And if the ovaries there they can feed endo so it's a bit of a losing battle.

You need to have had endo totally excised at time and be on combined hrt and even then that won't guarantee it doesn't return. Sorry.

I'd get yourself to a bsge surgeon and whilst it will be a fight get them to excise endo properly and also remove any adhesions left behind and then put barrier in to hopefully stop any more adhesions or scars forming.



Thank you for your reply,nor they kept my ovaries in, it was my ovaries that were causing the problem but said I was to young, it was 2015 I had my ovaries removed due to endo, I think it could be my bowel or bladder as my stomach feels full all the time and keep paswing water even though it's just a trickleenex, I had blood test and urine done last week and they both came back clear...odd, going back to docs next week as enough is enough, through its had this over and done with but it doesn't seem that way.


Hi I'm 44 years old and as I write this I'm having an Endo flare up, I'm in complete agony, my hot water bottle and pain meds don't seem to be helping and I can't stop crying. I had my hysterectomy 2 years ago to and am in the same pain as before! I had a few weeks of relief before the same nagging pain was back. My consultant said it was an absolute mess inside me and he took everything, so I'm now on HRT dealing with menopausal symptoms as well as Endo, it's no fun so I totally sympathise with you!xx


Thanks for the reply Amanda, I am also 44, cant understand why they say it's a problem that will be solved when clearly it isn't, I was pain free for 2 years up until 2 weeks, it can only be the endo that back because it's the exact pain as before I had everything removed x


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