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Endo and work

Hi everyone

I'm looking for some advice I was diagnoses with stage 3 endo last year and have had 2 laps however my symptoms are rapidly getting worse and I am struggling to work.

I have now developed problems with my bowels on top of having endo which makes it impossoble

I'm not wanting to give up work completely and do want to get a part time job maybe 2 days a week to get me out but I'm worried about money I have a car and house to help pay for is there benofits I can apply for ?!


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So far as I know benefits are a bit binary, treating you as either able to work or not. Perhaps talk to your local CAB or info point though as I'm no expert.


You can try applying for personal independence payment as it's one you can have whilst in work or not. But it's a long process. And you will have to appeal probably as endo doesn't qualify you directly. If you search for answers or scoring to PIP form you may get advice on what would qualify you.

If you earn less than £20k in a year there's also universal credit but that does take account of any savings and your house equity or saving to pay off mortgage will count so it's often a tough set of thresholds to pass.

Agree with earlier answer to ask CAB as they should know more.

Good luck


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