Work and endo?

Hi everyone, I'm sixteen in 2 months which means I have to save up for a car and my license. My family are very badly suffering financially and I need to have money spare for medication,physio,counselling etc. I am going to be applying for waitressing but I'm extremely worried about how I will cope with endo. Sometimes I can't even walk without my endo making sure I know it's there to ruin my life. Any advice? Should I take the job? Will it push me?

(We're on as much financial support from government and Medicare as we possibly can, and even then we still are struggling. I can't keep putting pressure on my family like this with all my medical bills)

Thankyou! Xxx

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  • Flower, my heart goes out to you as I have a daughter whose 16 and can't imagine how hard it would be for her; luckily she doesn't seem to have inherited endo. I can't imagine how lonely it must be for you. I was 15 when the pain started to really affect my life so I can relate to it. What about setting up a justgiving page and do some fund raising? I know that working as a waitress on your feet is probably the worst job for you. Could you do a cake sale, , umble sale, sponsored walk, get friends & family to help and see if the endo community could also support your cause? If you did get very generous donations you could always donate some of it to one of the endo charities.

  • Thank you so much for the reply. I have the thought about raising money except I haven't had the diagnosis of endo because doctors keeps telling me "they can't do anything" or "we don't do laparoscopies on 15 year olds". I would love to fun raise as it isn't as far difficult as waitressing but I don't want people thinking I'm making my endo up because I haven't had a proper diagnosis. This has been happening since I was 10 and it's just one of those situations where you know something's not quite right. I have every symptom of endo (irregular periods even on birth control, nausea, hip/groin pain, painful periods to the point I faint, weak immune system, headaches, back pain etc) yet they still refuse to do the surgery. I will try however to find a less diffucult job and see if I could at least raise money for endo awareness because I feel so sorry for every girl who suffers in silence the way I do. Again thank you so much for your reply :) x

  • I'm sorry to hear you suffer from it too. I hate this disorder so much, it practically takes your life. I just want to be like all the other kids in my class but instead I'm that girl who has weeks off at a time and always complaing of pain

  • Flower I have a friend whose daughter has endo like symptoms and I think its disgraceful that they don't have paediatric gynaecologists and refuse to do laparoscopies on adolescents. This has happened to my friends daughter who now is 16 and on a waitlist. It has inspired me to set up a justgiving page to raise money for Endo UK for earlier diagnosis in young girls. Best of luck and I do hope that you can persuade your GP to take your symptoms seriously and get a referral. Have you seen this article that was in the Guardian last Sept?

  • Yes, so many teenage girls are going through this and it angers me that the medical system isn't doing more to prevent a disorder that affects 1 in 10 women ?! It's awful, no one should have to endure this pain.

    That's a great article, it's good to see the media bringing awareness. Have you ever heard of Kayla Itsines? She's from where I am and is extremely fit and an excercise junkie! She too has endo and it's very inspiring :) x

  • Hi - it is so important that you get proper treatment as soon as you can and the recommendations for management of suspected endo in the UK apply from age 16. The choices open to you depend on where you are in the UK?

  • Hi lindle I'm in Australia, I joined this community as I couldn't find one for endo in Australia at the time of making an account. I have seen the gyno after a year and she was the one who told me she won't do surgery on me because if my age, she's made me change pills and take suppositories but that was it. I have to see her next month as a check up and I think I'm going to plead for a laparoscopy because I can't live like this anymore.

  • Will have a look into it thank you :)

  • Hey,

    Where are you in australia?

    They should be able to do it here with parental consent,are you going public or private?

    Im in australia,lets see what we can find to help you.

    I found the same thing,no blog but we do have endometriosis australia which is a charity staffed by volunteers.

    They did have a website that you could post stories on,but it was not adequate for what we need.

    We need something like this hey.

    Kind regards


  • Hi rose, I'm located in Adelaide and are going through the public system. Yes, I really do wish we had a support group like this one for Australian woman.

    Thank you for the reply :)

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