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Severe bowel and stomach pain 4 weeks after laparoscopy for Endo

Hi. After months of irregular and heavy bleeding I had a laparoscopy four weeks ago, which found a 6cm chocolate cyst around my left ovary and pelvic wall which was removed (along with my left ovary and tube) and other smaller cysts which have come back as Endo. I was feeling really well last week then started my period. I was warned that it would probably be a bad one, which It was. I'm almost finished but two nights ago I woke up to the most awful pain. Ran upstairs and to be polite it was coming out violently both ends. This carried on for a few hours. Out of exhaustion I fell asleep and although things have settled down both ends, I'm having awful pain moving from my left to my right side. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow as 2 days later i'm still getting intermittent pains that leave me on all fours. My results said there wasn't anything else in there but I'm concerned after reading that Endo on your bowel can cause these symptoms. I'm worried as I was due to go back to work and felt 100% but now feel lousy and sick all the time.

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Sounds terrible. Normally endometriosis effecting bowel is mainly painful when you open the bowel or more IBS like symptoms. Yours are more like gallstone pain/ stomach bugs? See what the GP says. Hope you are better soon.


I have confirmed bowel endo and my symptoms aren't like this - as has been said, it sounds like a virus. I do find when I get bugs like this that I have a lot of pain in my bowel which makes sense, really.

Hope you feel better soon. It really is rough.


It's good that you are going to see the doctor. It sounds like it could be any number of things. Hopefully it is something transient, like a stomach bug.

I have endo in the same area, and found that my IBS worsened after surgery. It eventually improved quite a bit with dietary changes. I wish you luck!


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