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Hey guys, so around September time I started my periods which were super heavy. After 6 weeks of non-stop, heavy bleeding and really bad cramping I was admitted in to the emergency gyno ward who a week later, diagnosed me with endometriosis. They've put me on the pill which I've been taking for a month now. However it's making me super depressed which the doctor said I'm just going to try and deal with as the pill is the only way I can get better for now. I'm also on Norethisterone to stop bleeding but I still seem to bleeding a tiny bit everyday. Is that normal? Also any advice or tips on how to deal with this in general would be great! I'm only 19 and in my second year of uni and I've been in so much pain over the last few months that I barely leave the house and go to my lectures. Finding it a bit difficult to cope with it all atm!

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