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Can't pee

I have had a UTI for a couple of weeks which has been pretty painful. I woke up today and I am really struggling to pee it was so painful I managed to run a bath and in the end persuade some out but now I just can't go it all feels so swollen and blocked I'm drinking plenty but nothing is happening. There's a lot of pain in my hips and pelvis when I sit on the toilet I thought I was going to pass out. Anyone else had this? xx

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You can try the following technique

Try to breathe out while close your nose and mouth so the pressure is pushing on your anterior abdomen. This works for me. However, acute urinary retention requires A&E

Hope this helps


Hi Kirstie I hope you've managed to pass more wee I know how horrible it is its just awful. First time this happened to me I did get acute urine retention and had to be catheterised, the pain I had was immense the morning I went to a and e I'd say it was the most immense pressure pain and it was unbearable, they said it was cause I had a urine infection that I didn't get in time but highly unusual so I'm not so convinced, but I have had it happen a couple times since with urine infection and It did resolve itself I found drinking lots water and then moving around walking and doing something to distract myself and then I would start to pass more and more as the day went on..

Good luck I hope you're feeling better soon xx


I know I had an infection for a while before my gp confirmed it and gave me antibiotics, I've had a lot of bladder pain the last few weeks, they didn't seem to know what it was but catheterised me and I'm heading to a urology ward soon to trial without it

Thank you xx


Awe bless you its such a stress isn't it.. I was holding 1000mls when they put my catheter in! Bladder pain is so horrible I hope they look into it properly for you and you get some answers, good luck at the urology ward let me know how you get on xx


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