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Is it all bad like they are making it sound?

Hello im Rach im 24 I was dignosed in april this year. when I found out I thought that is it my life is over I was partly signed off work in april but come september I was told I cant work anymore at all due to risk of my cysts bursting again like they did in may and ended up with septasimia. I have been told I can loose my life from it bursting again. Im now on zoladex injections in my tummy once a month untill my op to remove it which they have to detach it from my bowel as well. I have got to that stage where I have given up as I cant do anything that I like doing like work or ride the horses ( which are now up for sale due to all this) I have lose all purpose to life has anyone else felt like this?

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Hi I really feel your pain I was diagnosed this year have had 2 laps and been on the prostap injection in my tummy. The pain and side effects are life destroying. Like you I have horses and compete, and all that has been out the window this year. I've put my horses onto full livery so on days I can't do them due to being ill I know they're looked after. What about getting a sharer to exercise them and help out? My horses and gym work are what keep me going and fighting, don't give up and don't give in to the illness, make the most of your good days and achievements. I hope you get everything sorted soon and recover well xx


i cant find anyone good enough to look after them as they are a handful. I cant even go to the gym as im a high risk they could burst at any time and been told if i get septacimia again I could loose my life. i spend day after day after day trying to keep busy but when I run out of things to do my depression creaps in and starts to grab hold of me and not let go untill I have had a full blown melt down it does not help my dad works from home and he is sick and tired of be being around the house all day every day. I wish this op would just happen now so I can go back to a normal life and try get a job (I lost my job that I loved coz of all this) and thank you.


i had 5 mnths off work with prostap sr injections, was agony left tired and depressed, finished treatment now but still finding it hard to cope, the cramps and bladder pain is unbearable, im yet to know how bad it is, dnt lose hope, seems everyday i question "the point" but instead i set a task for everyday, i hope that soon il build up my stamina and control my pain enough to cope! i hope this helps, dont overdo yourself!! x


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