Coming off Prostap

Hi everyone, love using this site so much advice and support. I'm hoping someone can shine some light at the end of the tunnel for me. I had my 2nd lap 3 weeks ago to remove all endo and adhesions and ruptured cyst on overy. Following my first lap 6 months ago I went on the prostap injection, really struggled with the side effects so they put me on HRT which helped. I finished my HRT and the injection 28 day duration finished 2 weeks ago, since then the hot flushes, night sweets, headaches and mirgranes have got so bad and I don't feel like it's getting better.

How long does it take for all this to come out your system and feel normal again? Feeling so fed up, it's been a long time feeling crappy all the time from this treatment wished I hadn't had it, just finding it hard recovering from surgery when dealing with all this xx

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  • I'm in the same position at the moment - it's the hot flushes that are the worst! I've been on it before and it took a couple of months at least if I remember rightly.

  • I was told that it depended how many injections you have. Last time round after 14 prostap injections it took a good 9months for everything for me to go back to normal.

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