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1 Year Post Lap, scars still sore?

Hey Ladies, I'm 1 year post lap today. My scars are still sore and purple, I'm still in some kind of pain everyday,fatigued regularly. I really hoped I'd be celebrating this day but sadly not. I have good days where I go to the gym, long walks with dogs, drinks and giggles with friends. But then I suffer after! I guess if a year after my Op I'm not better I never will be 😦

Anyway my question is how long after your lap before scars stop hurting ?

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Bless you. I had my lap 3 weeks ago my scars are still sore probably more so now than they were in the first fewdays after the lap. Also now that awful pulling pain is back worse than before.

You should go back and your gp or consultant about the pain, thesethings are supposed to make us feel better not worse. Hope you get it sorted soon x


I've been back to GP several times they just keep giving me stronger pain killers, but I can't function on them so are no good. To be honest I've given up with them! I now also have suspected Thyroid cancer so having an op in 10 days for that, will get that out of the way and try to get a new referal for my endo xx


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