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Hello All! I'm new here ☺️

Hello! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jasmine. I'm married and a mother of a 4 year old daughter and an 8 month old son. I've suspected Endometriosis for a long time now due to very painful periods, pain before and after periods deep in my pelvic area, heavy bleeding and many other symptoms. I had my first laparoscopy done October 17, 2016 and the doctors confirmed that I do indeed have Endometriosis. Can anyone give me advice about how to cope with the pain andany advice about how I can make the situation better? Anything is greatly appreciated! ☺️☺️

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Hi jasmine, I can highly recommend reading around and working out what triggers you, and what helps.

Useful books when I was starting out, were authored by henrietta Norton, John lee, Dian Shepperson mills (try Amazon ). Since then ther are forums and websites (try endopaedia), and build up a favourites toolbar and keep adding to your knowledge, or dipping in when you need to.

In summary many people find alternative therapies, diet modifications really help, and others turn to medications, supplements or a combo of the three. We're all individuals, with time and knowledge you can work out how to support yourself with maximum effect.

I have to say vitamin and mineral supplements have made a difference for me to help support my body, and although I suffer pain and inflammation with the endo, I dont think I actually get 'period cramp' pains any more, which sounds ironic, it proved to me period cramps and endo pain are two different things, and I was actually getting both, the cramps were worse with poor nutrition.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a magic bullet, or one size fits all, you'll need to try out a few ideas and monitor progress. I can't recommend a pain, symptom diary enough, it helped me work out pattern of symptoms with food, lifestyle, cycle etc.

Good luck!


Hello Nicky,

Thanks for the advice! I'll certainly take that all into consideration. I'm newly diagnosed but doctors have been suspicious of it for a while. I'm currently taking Seasonique and pain pills to help with the pain but the pelvic pin throughout the month is still bad. I was really hoping I would have some relief after the laparoscopy because my doctor was able to remove some adhesions but she couldn't ablate everything and I think that could be a reason why I'm still in pain. I've tried exercising but the pelvic pain is so bad that I can never finish. I'm going to start my pain and symptom diary today. Idk why I didn't think about that. Also, may I ask how you dealt with the pain when it came to intercourse? The pain and symptoms are really taking a toll on my marriage.

Thanks ☺️


I'm afraid I can't really offer any useful advice, as I can't claim I've dealt with that problem effectively (yet!). Theres the physical pain aspect, or even the psychological side (fear of pain even when you actually think you aren't feeling too bad). This disease impacts both of you, once my partner really (I mean REALLY) understood what I was dealing with, then he became a lot more understanding and supportive, but it's tough for them too. I spent too long trying to be independent, and hiding it, or motoring on. Once I actually opened up about what it's like to live with the condition it really helped us connect better, despite the 'lack of contact'. that's a stronger foundation to work on it together I found.

Again, it's a very individual thing for you both to work on & explore possibilities together without putting too much pressure on.

Stay positive x


Endometriosis should ideally treated with complete excision in a BSGE centre. Check out lindle posts here on pathway for referral. However, some people find diet change, and medication are adequate in managing their problems.

All the best


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