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Change in period

Hi all

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in Feb 2016. Had surgery and on cilest contraceptive.

Had problems with periods as soon as they started - heavy ++ , long and clots, as well as painful.

About 2 months after my surgery, all my endo symptoms returned and have been getting worse. Up until this cycle, my periods were back to being heavy, clots and painful, with brown blood before and after. This month, it's light, some clots and not as painful. I haven't even had the bowel symptoms I routinely get (have endo on the bowel with multiple adhesions).

I'm just a bit worried because I've been listed for more bowel and bladder surgery (endo is worst on bladder), but now I feel like it's not as bad as it usually is, and am worried it'll be a waste of time because they might not find anything.

I've taken my pill routinely as normal, and nothing else I can think of may have influenced my cycle.

Any advice appreciated!!

Lauren x

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You have to go with your own best judgement as you know your body best. Given the location and your difficult symptoms I think if it were me I'd probably feel it's better to be safe than sorry . If they don't find something that's great news, not a waste of time as you get peace of mind . Evenif youre unlucky and they do then it gets caught and treated early. Good luck in whatever you choose.


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