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I was diagnosed with endometriosis through key hole surgery because I had severe pelvic pain and the doctors could not figure out why in may 2015 2 months after the pain was still their and never budged. Doctors said it couldn't have grown back that quick and didn't do much to help. I had a scheduled key hole surgery on monday just gone and when i awoke from surgery the doctors said we found nothing no endo and everything looks normal? How can this possibly be? What is happening to my body? How can I have endo and then it just dissapear? I don't quite understand? What could be the cause of my pain? People keep saying its all in my head well i guarantee it definately isnt! I need help :( i need to sort this pain out its affecting my work life and just lofe in general.

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are you under general gynae or a bsge specialist? It is possible that someone inexperienced would have missed Endo.

What does your pain feel like, is it from a particular side/area?

Were you treated by the same medical team each time?


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Stabbing sharp pain, like someone is stabbing my abdomen with a knife! Mostly left side and centre can differ up to under both side of ribs!

Ask to see a different consultant. My pain didn't go after my lap which although burnt away the endo they could see, it didn't all go away. I changed consultant as well as ensured I now go to a BSGE hospital. The consultant I saw the other month said my endo would never fully go away and now they are trying to 'manage' it instead.

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