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Just need some reassurance

Hi. I hope you are all ok! I had a lap nearly three weeks ago and they found endo on my uterus and bladder. My tummy still feels tender especially my right side and my lower abdomen hurts when I pass urine. I sometimes get shooting pains there aswell. I still feel really tired. I also had the coil fitted and I'm passing brown discharge randomly. Is this normal? It's a bit annoying as It's always unexpected. I just wondered if all these things were normal and when I will be back to myself. Thank you! xx

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id say go to your Dr and get checked out just to be safe sweetie. The mirena coil can take a while to settle, I had spotting for a good few months after having my first one fitted but it did eventually stop and I was period free for nearly 8 years (with a coil change after 5) it was sheer bliss! Not got one in anymore though, long story that I won't scare you with, so back to endo flaring up :( ah well, gotta keep on going! Hope you feel better soon xxx


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