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BSGE referral

I have suspected endo and I was just wondering about referrals to BSGE centres.

I have a GP appointment on Friday where I am going to ask to be referred. Can they refer me straight to a BSGE centre or do they have to confirm endo first? I do have a centre around 20 miles from me, does the centre have to be within a certain distance? I am not sure how it all works!

Thank you xx

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You need check on lindle posts here. She described in detail your pathway for a BSGE centre referral. Best to write everything down and handed it to the GP, so nothing is missed. Take someone to back you up if is practical.

Good luck

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I have private insurance and if you can do get your GP to refer you straight there. I wasted time on a first consult with someone general who couldn't do the op I would need.


You can be referred to any BSGE centre and with only suspected endo.

Do check out Lindles posts on the treatment pathway as really helpful. I agree that taking contact details of centre can help as most GP's have never heard of BSGE centres.

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