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On my period for six days, off for three and now bleeding again, HELP?

Hi guys,

9 days ago my period started, very light and hardly any cramps which is definitely not likey usual periods. However, three days later I have just been to the loo and now I have spotting again! Dark red/brown coloured blood. Been feeling rather sicky the past 5 days and last had sex with my partner about 2/3 weeks ago. Condom was worn but neither of us can remember if it split or not. I have an appointment for other reasons on Tuesday with the doctor but wanted to see if someone has had similar to help try and stop me going crazy trying to figure out whats going on, haha!

Thanks in advance. :)

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I'm having similar, I had a period for a couple of days, nothing to bad or painful, then it stopped for another couple of days before starting again, its been 15 days now and it hasn't stopped. I got no idea why either (although I have no worries about wondering if a condom broke). Perhaps its best if you just bring it up with your doctor while there. Hopefully it will be nothing bad, and is just like a weird one-off.


Update is no blood this morning. So strange, we don't mind if I am pregnant but ideally wanted to wait haha. Yeah I was going to bring it up with my GP but thought I would ask just to try and stop me worrying, haha.


Yeah perhaps its was a weird one off!


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