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Appointment Thursday at Arrow Park

Hi everyone, hope your all well. I've not been on here for some time. Thought I would see if anyone else has seen a Specilist at Arrow Park on the Wirral. My appointment has taken so long and it couldn't come at a better time. I'm on my 10th Zoladex, and I'm still experiencing brown watery loss, I'm achy all over and have back ach constantly. I know I have severe endo after my lap 12 months ago, it's on my bowel, pelvic wall (my bowel was stuck to my pelvic wall) they said after my lap it was wide spread. Whst should I expect next?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I feel drained totally at the minute 😩


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I've just had a lap at arrowe park and I can say they were very supportive and it all went very smoothly. I too waited an age for my apt and then it came out of nowhere and I was taken in the next week.

First I waited for an apt with gyne there and they did my pre op stuff and confirmed all the procedures I needed then I waited again for the actual procedures.

They knew I had endo as it was picked up on an ultrasound so I knew what to expect then at arrowe they did the lap and got rid of what they could. they have asked to see me again in 6months at endo clinic.

Good luck and if you have any more specific questions let me know


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