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Fed up with doctors

So today Iv been to the doctors after a phone call a couple of weeks ago to her about how my weight gain is out of control. So she made me an appointment, today I saw her and she completely forgot about what we talked about on the phone she looked at me clueless when I walked in. I had a blood test and I had to say to her ok so do you have the results? They were ok she checked my thyroid, but she was so unhelpful I was really hoping to go today and come out feeling a bit better with some solutions to my weight gain. She suggests it's because I don't get out much but o don't eat a lot to gain the amount I have. She's changed my pill but the pharmacist near by don't stock it so it's got to be ordered in. I just completely feel let down that I'm getting no help and no answers it's so frustrating I already have depression because of everything, and coming out of the doctors today has made me feel worse. I completely feel like giving up.

Sorry for going off on one guys it's just so hard when your body feels like its letting you down and you have to fight for help.

I hope everyone is ok xx

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Don't apologise Hun, we've all been there at some point. It may be worth talking to a different doctor. It's taken me about 30 years but I've now got a fantastic GP who really listens and tries to help. You will get there Hun . Stay strong and fight for what you need. Sending hugs.


Dont apologise; everyone is here for you 😊 I would suggest different doctors til you get an answer. It has taken 8 years for a Dr to listen to me and yesterday had my lap and I had extensive Endo. One Dr told me I would grow out if my symptoms when I was 18! Clearly I didnt as it did not miraculously go haha! I know it gets boring but keep persisting until you get a good Dr that listens and helps you. Good luck x


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