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Hello ladies,

I was wondering about BSGE as I have seen this being mentioned a few times and after visiting their website I am still confused. Really sorry if I come across as being stupid...generally, i don't think I am (hmm!).

I've initially been referred to a gynaecologist/specialist after we have been trying for a baby for more than 2 years. After completing a customary questionnaire the specialist did not think twice and announced me that I have endometriosis which has been confirmed with my first subsequent laparoscopy. The pain never stopped, not even after another two laparoscopies with I did with a different specialist.

I now have reasons to believe that I actually have adnemyosis however in the meantime I am awaiting a date for a fourth laparoscopy to remove my left ovary which is stuck to the bowel and is badly damaged and inflated. Apart from the demonic pain I get with my period (usually 3 days of complete agony plus other 5 days of pre-period feeling and cramps) I am now experiencing piercing pain on the left-hand side only. Most of the time I get this at ovulation time but lately I am experiencing this at other times in the cycle (now is just in the last few days of the bleed). Because the ovary is stuck to the bowel, I need to have the lap done by my gyneo and by a bowel specialist which is proving tricky to get a date for as they don't seem to have a day when they are both in the same hospital and available.

Anyway...i keep seeing this BSGE and I am wondering if I have been having all these operations through the wrong people. The closest BSGE is in Worcester (I've been treated in Cheltenham before) but how do I get to see a specialist in Worcester? Is it down to my GP to give me a referral? Why didn't they recommend that to me before? Could I just pay for an appointment without the GP referral?

Thanks everyone x

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You need to see your GP and tell them exactly which consultant you want to be referred to, and at which hospital. You may still need a GP referral to be seen privately, and unless you have insurance it can become frighteningly expensive very, very quickly so don't rush into this unless you can afford it.

Unfortunately, not all GP's (or consultant's) are that knowledgeable about the BSGE centres and are still referring us to general gynae even with severe disease when it's not what they should be doing.


Thanks Joreilly.


Thank you very much Emma. Best of luck with your op!

I'm still hoping to get pregnant (have been trying for almost 8 years now) so I am not looking to get pathology test for Adenomyosys yet.

Thank you very much for your reply. It's really helpful.

All the best x


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