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There is light 💫

Just want to let everyone know who is fed up and down in the dumps about being poorly that there is a glimmer of hope out there in relation to conceiving!!

I won't bore you all with my longgggg story but after having two laps for excising my endo (which I'm covered in) along with two unsuccessful prostap courses and a very heartbreaking miscarriage, I have managed to bring two beautiful babies into the world! It's been a long hard tiresome battle with endo since my early teens and I was told I couldn't conceive. But the impossible happened, and it's not gods will or luck, I believe it was the prostap. Whilst it did nothing for my endo I did conceive shortly after so stay strong ladies and keep up hope 😘.

There is a downside however. After two courses of prostap and two consecutive pregnancies my symptoms and pain has come back worse than ever. I actually think to myself is this pain worse or was I just so used to it?? And it's hard having two babies ten months apart but they are my miracles and they give me strength where I didn't have it before.

I wish you all well on your individual journeys and whilst there is no cure for any of us I hope it's stories like this that make you a little bit optimistic when your feeling as dark as I once did.


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That's lovely to hear. Sorry that you're back in pain. I hope you find relief soon xx


Thank you. I'm back to consultant to sort out more excision so hopefully that will relieve the pain. I hope your doing well xx


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