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Getting unstuck!

Hi Everyone

My problem is that I have adhesions as well as old endometriosis, I had always had very heavy painful periods from the latter end of being 10 years old until I had a hysterectomy in 1985. The relief was great but then years later I started having abdominal pain and the surgeon found a lot of yucky sticky stuff all wrapped around my bowel. They cleared out what they could and separated loads of adhesions but the adhesions just stick back up together again!! Then around 2007 2008 the surgeons found that my bowel is firmly stuck to my vaginal wall, they tried to free it but it just stuck right back up again. It is very painful under my left buttock and sitting cause even more pain and discomfort, it is now affecting my muscle down my left leg and the muscles of my foot. At least I am presuming this is what is causing it. Does anyone out there have a similar experience?

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