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Multiple MCs, Endo & IVF(w PGD) success stories?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any IVF success stories to share after having multiple Miscarriages & stage 4 Endo?. I've had 8 natural pregnancies(over past 5yrs) all ending in early MCs. I've just had IVF egg collection & awaiting results- I'm 39, thy collected 9, all 9 fertilised but by day 3(y'day) only 5 of 9 are on track(4 were 'growing slowly'). We wanted to do PGD if we got any 5 day blastocysts. Does anyone have anything to share re: endo/IVF/PGD. I'm struggling to remain hopeful about any of this working because we already been through so many MCs. Thanks xx

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I've had miscarriages, endo and am now 26 weeks pregnant from ivf frozen transfer. You have loads of embryos by the sound of it so don't worry about that! IVF is always a long shot, the odds are against you, but the fact you can get pregnant natural is a big positive. Keep the faith! Are you getting any additional treatment for your history with miscarriage? Good luck!


Hi I'm also an endo patient struggling to get a child. Have gone through 4 cycles 1 ectopic 1 miscarriage at 9 weeks and 2 bfns. Totally can correlate to ur frustration and struggle of being hopeful. In my last cycle I got so anxious that my blood pressure shot and had to b given medication. I was so stressed. Can't see light at d end of d tunnel but can't seem to give up as well.



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