OBGYN skipped conservative treatment

I recently went to my mom's former OBGYN due to his personal knowledge of my medical history. I rarely go to doctors as is and my doc did a pelvic exam and immediately wrote me a script for vicodin and had me obtain an ultrasound that day and schedule a laparoscopy for the 24th. From what I've been reading it's pretty rare that a doctor will opt for surgery as anything other than a last resort. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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  • What are your symptoms? X

  • Severe pelvic pain, irregular heavy periods, fatigue, pain with intercourse, bowel movements and urination

  • Total excision is the recommended treatment for patient with symptomatic endometriosis. Medication does not stop the progresss of endometriosis just mask its progress. Check out lindle posts here for details.

  • I would say the ultrasound will have shown endo and surgery would normally be the recommended treatment for pain. But I don't know the treatment process in the US. You symptoms suggest possible deep involvement and I should seek out an excision specialist rather than a regular gynae.

  • In my opinion I think your doctor is doing the best thing for you. It sounds like you do have endometriosis and excision by a specialist surgeon can be really helpful.

    It's important to ask about the plan for after surgery too. If you do have endometriosis, even if it's excised during your surgery, it's likely to return unless you have some preventative treatment like a Mirena coil or progesterone only pill. X

  • Not all gyns have to follow the treatment plans since it is up to them. In my case my gyn promised if the 2 combined pills and ring didn't work and were too bad for even a week she would give me a lap. She never did and then she gave me a progesterone only pill and said if it didn't get better in 3 months she'd do a lap but if it got worse within the month (which it did) she would do it too. She never did which isn't part of the treatment plan she gave me, so I had to switch gyns.

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