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Does anyone also have fibromyalgia?

My doctor has started to mention the word fibromyalgia with what I've been complaining about. It starting with aching/pain I'm not sure how to describe it in my hands and feet, then my legs and arms and I can even wake up hurting from head to toe, with even the very top of my legs painful. Thing is she mentioned it then kind of left it at that, but it's not going away and I don't want to feel like a nuisance for nothing but not sure if or when I should go back xx

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Pherhaps go back and ask your GP about it. When I used to see patients, people who had endo often said they also have fibrimyalgia. I am not sure if endo thought to be cured but still existing is maybe thought to be fibromyalgia. But maybe it is really fibromyalgia. Speak with GP, apparently, go and see GP for the same cindition 3 times will get GP to refer us to a specialist if appropriate. x


Some things I read have fibromalgia and even IBS as some illness that are a result of endometriosis.


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