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Stressed and drained!!

Hey guys.. Basically I've had serious pelvic pain since I was 18 and i have been told it is endometriosis. Since August the pain has been ongoingly getting worse and disabling to the point I have to have help adjust my seated position because it's too painful for me to do so.Last night I found my self back in A&E again because the pain was so servere I've had passing out episodes. I had surgery last December so They don't want to do surgery again so they have offered me premenopausal injections and I was offered this in August and here I am with the pain still bad if anything getting worse not only do I have pain I'm losing clots too. Not only that I am on tramadol which is a very strong painkiller and I can still feel pain through that.

The doctor last night said the clots are a concern. The fact I sometimes pass out due to pain is a concern. The fact I have been given a group of very strong painkillers is a concern. But don't think keeping me in will do anything.

She also said that she will chase up my injections personally. Could be weeks or months.

I'm just so emotionally and physically drained from it as it impacts every aspect of my life it would be great to talk to other people that actually understand the pain

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Hi hunny, firstly are you under a bsge specialist centre, secondly, where was the endo found, thirdly did they excise or ablated the endo,

I had 2 ops with in 4 months , and nothing wrong with that,



Morning :) erm just currently under investigation with my normal gynaecology and they have said they are not willing to do surgery again .. I've considered looking at clinical trials and everything because I'm so desperate to not be in pain. X


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